A Constructive Academic System…  for a Bright Professional Future

Meticulous Academic Schedule

Syllabus Completion, Class Exeres, Home Exeres, Conduct of tests etc are all accomplished with us using a Rigorous, well-planned and Detailed Schedule prepared well in advance to the commencement of academic year.

All our students shall have a clear vision of their academic proceedings during a given academic year.

Teacher Monitored Study Sessions

Practice and revision of subject is done in the class room itself in the presence of same senior faculty who have taught them the concepts.

Further supported by teacher monitored study hours during nights in the hostel for residential students.

Effective Counselling Methods

Our professional counselors regularly interact one to one with each student to identify any academic or non-academic problems or stress the students are facing and take action at right time to ensure mental and emotional strength in students.

Eminent Faculty

Highly experienced individuals with great track record make our faculty team. With Rationalistic approach towards subject, with their awareness of examination trends, our faculty have produced large number of state ranks in previous years.

Unique Practice ’n’ Learn Study Material

We provide a separate comprehensive study material for Subjective (Board) and Objective (Entrance) Requirements of the students.

A highly student centered course content is provided which works as Study Material cum Work book. This never before scientifically designed content not only generates interest towards studies but also enhances students’ performance in the exams to great extent.

Comprehensive Assessment System

Weekly tests are conducted separately in subjective and objective patterns to ensure effective revision and excellent performance.

Professionalism and Ethical Values

We keep students’ interests and their future benefits in the fore front. We developed our academic system strongly believing that our growth lies in the growth of our students