Cordial School () is a learning community of excellence, enabling students of different language abilities to become independent learners and effective communicators. The School prepares students with the knowledge, discipline, and skills to succeed at university level and contribute to the multicultural contemporary world.

The Cordial School was founded in 2015 with the objectives of providing best education for both rural and urban children and to ensure that its students achieve their highest academic and personal potential. It also aims to give them a firm foundation based upon an understanding of Indian culture, society and ideas.

The school educates both boys and girls in classes from 1st Standard to 9th Standard under the CBSE scheme. The school is affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi and the teaching is conducted in English Medium. The school aims to use that base to build more globally aware citizens prepared for the rigors of the 21st century. This is encouraged through the curriculum and through visits, expeditions, exchange programmes and other state / national level school events.

The curriculum at Cordial School is unique in its weave of innovative thinking, multiple intelligences and differentiated instruction. recognizes the challenges of an inter-dependent and competitive international environment, and the need for our children to adapt to and excel in it. By our progressive educational approach and unique curriculum along with the commitment and passion in our teachers we have evolved. The atmosphere at is community-centric and stimulates confidence, thought, self-discipline, and the harnessing of creative energies.

There is a healthy interaction between the faculty and the students. believes that the primary function of the campus is to build a conducive learning environment. Over the years, the school has also developed on a foundation based on effective management, committed staff and regular assessment of students work.